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The MagTarget Magnetic Wedge Dock is equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality for both power and data connectivity, alongside a selection of wireless charging cases available in various sizes. This integration offers a comprehensive solution for streamlined power management and device charging on table/desk.

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    The ​MagTarget difference


    Rugged Tablet Cases
    • Keeps tablet safe
      • Industrial grade rubber
      • Water resistant
    • USB-C ports to charge when away from dock
    • Accessory connectivity option (ex: payment processor)
    • Optional Heat-Shield to protect tablet form heat sources


    Rugged Magnetic Docks
    • No Wi-Fi drops with wired Ethernet built-in
    • Setup in either removable or securely locked tablet
    • PoE powered means easy installation and maintenance
    • USB-A output to connect peripherals
    • 3.5mm jack output to connect to audio system

    Same Interface Across All Tablets and Docks

    Easier to Install & Use

    Compared to traditional industrial displays

    Easier to Install
    • Power and data over PoE via a single Ethernet cable
    • Light aluminum assembly
    • Wide variety of mounts
    • A single tool (4mm Allen) for installation and  adjustments

    Easier to Use
    • End-user adjustable
      • Portrait to Landscape
      • Tilt angle
      • Rotate around vertical axis

    Tablet Accessible

    In this mode the tablet is easy to remove from the dock for things like morning inventory count. And returned to the dock to be used as a fixed display.

    Tablet Secured

    In this mode the tablet can easily be installed on the dock. But you need the matching security bit to release it. Good to prevent devices from going missing.