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MS Surface Go 2 in Kiosk mode - recommended settings

Jean-Michel Thiers

Prolong battery life by enabling Battery Limit setting

This will limit the battery to only charging partially


Enabling battery limit on Surface Go and Surface Go 2

The Surface Battery Limit setting can be configured by booting into Surface UEFI (Power + Vol Up when turning on the device). Choose boot configuration, and then, under Kiosk Mode, move the slider to the right to set Battery Limit to Enabled.

Kiosk Mode Battery Limit in Surface Go.

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Enable automatic power on after power loss

Access UEFI as shown above and turn on "Automatic power-n after power loss"

Advanced options 
Enable alternate boot sequence 
Enable IPv6 for PXE Network bOotoption, 
Enable Boot from USB devices 
Enable Boot Confi uration Lock 
Automatic power-on after power loss



Adjust screen brightness

Surface Brightness Control - Surface | Microsoft Docs